Qualifications of Membership

The Members of Professional Networkers shall consist of Entrepreneurs in ownership, executive, management, sales and other appropriate positions in business, organizations and professions. To reduce conflicts of interest, membership shall be limited to one business, service or professional category per person. If a category is not filled, with board approval, a member may choose to represent more than one unfilled business category, however, a member must choose their primary category focus at the time of application for membership, with the understanding that a prospective member may apply and be accepted for that position that is not the member’s primary category. If a member does request to represent more than one category and wants to secure that category for the membership year, additional member dues of $150 must be paid and board approval and vote obtained.

Application for Membership

After attending a maximum of two meetings as a guest, a prospective member must submit an application for membership along with a cheque for their dues to the Secretary/Treasurer in order to continue participating with the Professional Networkers Association. Upon receipt of an application to the Secretary/Treasurer, it will be assessed by the Executive Directors prior to the following meeting. Once the Executive Directors agree that the applicant is acceptable, the application will be shared at the following meeting for feedback. This is the opportunity for the board to voice any concerns over character of the applicant or conflict of interests. Should the application be denied, the applicant will be notified and their initial payment will be returned with haste. New applicants are only denied a membership if they represent an industry or organization that conflicts with an existing member and/or their reputation in our community is negative.

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