Networkers Education

1) Are you passionate about what you do?

Being passionate about what you do really helps when talking about a subject. The audience can tell when someone isn’t passionate, being passionate is contagious and lifts the mood of the audience.

2) Tell a story

Telling a story during a presentation helps stimulate the brains of the audience and engages them.

3) Use pictures

Use pictures rather than words. Using photos can capture the audience’s attention to an uninteresting subject. Let’s just say you’re speaking about a subject like web development, this topic can be very bland to some of the audience. Not only does it spice up your presentation it gives the audience a reference point, something for them to remember the information taught during the presentation.

4) Keep it short

Even though long speeches and long presentations used to be trendy, our generations are all about speed. Speeding up your presentation by getting to the point and getting there fast keeps the audience entertained and keeps their focus.

5) Practice

Rehearse your presentation, stand in front of your bathroom morning after you wake up and go over your presentation. A great presentation isn’t just made by “winging it”, it’s done by practice. Record yourself on your phone doing the presentation and watch the video after, make some quick points on what to improve and do it again. Recording yourself while rehearsing a presentation gives you the view of what your audience sees and how to improve.

When it comes down to a presentation remember that you’re trying to get your point across, put some time into it and practice. The audience is trying to learn from you, be interactive and engage with the subject. Picture yourself in the audience and ask yourself, are you interested in this presentation?

10 Minute Speaker – Shawn Klose

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