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The Professional Networkers Association (PNA) is a group of Business Owners and Sales Professionals that support each other’s businesses through the exchange of referrals. While the association only allows for one representative from each industry to take part, members are also appraised on their reputation and known as trusted service providers in the community.

The PNA has a constitution which the group follows on a daily basis to maintain the ongoing professionalism in which this group operates. Allowing the PNA to constantly help members grow their business in a quantifiable manner. The PNA’s main purpose is to grow both the group and members business by generating and improving business referrals.

The PNA was formed in 2004 and has interacted numerous businesses throughout our time. We encourage professional development and networking opportunities for our members and provide them with the support required to achieve it. The network used by our members allows them to feel confident that when they make a referral, everyone involved will benefit.

If you’re interested in learning more, please use our contact page and fill out the fields below and sending us an email.

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